We Make It Easy!

We offer a unique new approach to help you get the money you need. With our completely paperless system you no longer have to wait in long lines, waste time with mountains of paperwork or wait on hold on the phone while waiting for a loan approval.

No longer do you have to wait around for someone in a cubicle to approve your application.

All you need to apply is a spare 5 minutes and internet access. Our smart technology does the rest. Seconds after you hit the apply button, you’ll get an instant decision and we’ll show you the total cost of repayments — all in plain English and big print.

You’ll be paid as soon as one hour!

Our team of brainy mathematicians and software engineers have been pulling all-nighters for the past few years to make this possible for you. It’s exciting and groundbreaking stuff.

3 Simple Steps To Approval

  • Apply Online Enter your details into our secure and simple online application form from your phone or computer. It takes 5 minutes, max.
  • Click ‘Submit’ and you’ll see an instant decision. No waiting around and no hassles!
  • Confirm your loan Next you’ll see the full costs and a repayment schedule, read it carefully and if you’re happy with everything, click ‘I Agree’. Normally within one 1 hour the funds are in your bank account. Depending on who you bank with, you’ll have access to the money within seconds of the transfer.