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Australia’s Fastest Payday Loans

Why Choose To Arrange Your Loan?

  • Bad Credit OK. We Can Help
  • Anyone Can Apply
  • No Paperwork for most people. Completely Online
  • Same Day Cash

Our fresh way of looking at the information you provide means you don’t waste time with paperwork, queueing, or painful face-to-face meetings. It’s totally different from how old-school lenders do things. We start with your employment status. You need to be employed full-time or part-time — so if your primary source of income is government benefits, you won’t be eligible to borrow from us.

No More Overdrafts

No more worries about insufficient funds. Control your own financial situation and enjoy your life again. If you need up to $1500 quickly, we can possibly make it happen.  There are no faster loans available in Australia!

Fast, Instant Payday Loans

You can borrow anywhere from $100 to $1500 depending on your personal circumstances. Money can be in your account today! Same day cash. First loan limited to $600, depending on circumstances.
bad credit

I have a bad credit history – can I still be approved?

You may be eligible if you have bad credit. It is understood that your credit history may not be a reflection on your current financial situation, which is why your current situation is carefully assessed before an advance is approved. Also, be aware that there are no loans anywhere that require no credit check. If you see an offer for one, it is false advertising

Online, really completely online!

Our payday loans are always under $1500 and are almost always issued for a period of 31 days or less. Apply online in less than two minutes, max. No hassles with paperwork or standing in long lines. We are the best choice for Australian payday loans. Our online system ensures you get cash right now, without the headache! We also won’t allow your short term loan get out of control just to make more money from you like some other cash advance lenders hope you will.

We make it easy!

We specialize in helping you get the fast cash loans you need now. Apply online and receive an instant decision. You can have cash in hand in less than an hour. Apply today – Cash today! Oh, and did we mention, NO PAPERWORK (for the vast majority)!

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